Jordan Symm

About Jordan …

Favourite waves?
My favorite type of wave is a peeling beach break that ends in a dumpy close out.

What is your home break?
My home break is Crooklets beach.

If you could surf any spots for the rest of your life what would it be?
I couldn’t narrow it down to just one spot, I see myself as surfing where is best every day if possible.

What are your aspirations in surfing?
I would like to become a professional free surfer travelling the world and getting good photos and making cool video edits all the time.

Who are your idols and what do you love about surfing?
My surfing idol is Jordy Smith, I love his big carves and his ability to land massive airs.

What I love most about surfing is having fun with my friends and making the most of the conditions that are thrown at me.




Its modern foil and rail profiles help give this board that real high performance feels in bigger waves without sacrificing planning speed in smaller less powerful waves. It has a pronounced concave combined with a medium nose and tail rocker making this an ideal board for intermediate to advanced surfers looking for a board with an instant response that works great in the pocket. The rocker combined with the concave allows it to generate high-speed on the critical sections of the wave, whilst also letting you perform quick turns and amazingly short arcs within seconds. The rail profiles allow for extreme manoeuvrability throughout turns whilst maintaining maximum control.


Sick little board got it in a 5’9 for me as I’m about 5’11 and about 62 kg love how this thing goes in smaller waves especially north Fistral or little beachies like Tolcarne or Watergate. For the shape, it really goes in average slop but on the good days it comes alive and is soo good off the bottom, really allows you to get real deep and not bog. and off the lip, it’s just nuts. cheers again boys for hooking me up


Floaty and light great in the air and really responsive to big off the lip turns and drawn out turns. Construction good, no problems


Got for Winter months in the UK when the swell gets bigger on the east coast. Really ripable board loads of hold in the bottom turn and can really bury the tail in the top turns. Feels so fluid on a roundhouse smooth transiting defiantly getting me improved style points. feels good on the steeper drops the rocker can handle it and keep the speed on faster waves. top board


High-performance board strong rocker great for winter months




The Bandit is the real deal when it comes to high energy and Hight -performance surfing. It’s our Highly tuned, performance shortboard great for big hacks and taking to the air. Its works perfect for average to overhead waves, and is designed allows you maximum control and manoeuvrability under your feet whilst giving you enough speed and forgiveness to really lay down some big turns. The outline is made for fast, snappy, off the lip surfing and features a slightly pulled in tail, giving you tons of grip and drive through the turns, whist’s Its medium entry rocker to flatter centre rocker adds speed and drive though weaker sections. The Bandit has a generous amount of kick in the tail rocker keeping the rail to rail transitions fast and smooth allowing you to really jam those turns to create some spray. The placement of volume on this board is crucial in creating its speed and pop whilst on the open face.


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