Lewis Strich

About Lewis …

Hi my names Lewis stritch. I ride for sbs surfboards and gul water sports and I am currently ranked 4th in England and Britain for longboarding. I have been surfing since I was 4 and started competitive surfing when I was 16 on the British longboard tour. When I was that age I loved competing as I was getting great results and getting to go abroad for European event as a junior. My greatest achievement when I was a junior was being team captain of the Cornish surf team at the European Atlantic watersports festival, where I finished 2nd two years running. This was such a high point in my surfing career as I loved competing and getting a constant run of great placements in big events.

This all changed when I turned 18 as I was no longer in the junior events and now competing in the open against some of the best surfers in the world such as Ben Skindog skinner, Adam Griffith and James Parry to name a few. Unfortunately, I was not making any heats and getting frustrated with my surfing and I lost a love for competing after my first season of being in the men’s open. This is when I stopped competing for 4years, however I then felt less pressured and fell back in love with surfing again. After a trip to Bali I thought it would be time to give competing another go and entered a couple of events where I made a few heats and started to enjoy the competitive side of surfing again. Last year I decided to do the whole of the British tour and came away with a 6th which I was super pleased about. I also made the final at the Jesus longboard classic which was a massive confidence boost.

After that, I set my self some goals and was able to get some really good coaching while I was away this winter, which I feel has helped my progression. As this season started I was super confident as I picked up sponsorship from sbs surfboard which has been amazing not just in getting great boards but also great support from the team. This season is going really well so far as I have already made five finals in a row and I am feeling really confident for the rest of the season. Next year I am hoping to compete on the longboard qualifying tour and hoping to get enough results to get onto the world tour the season after. I know this is a massive challenge but with all the support i am receiving off my sponsors, friends and family I feel like it is an achievable target. Would just like to say thank you to sbs surfboard, gul water sports and my amazing girlfriend who watches me compete come rain or shine.

” The Widow Maker is the perfect board for all this person that want to start SUP wave riding but looking for something that can be used in any waves.

For beginners right up until intermediate/ advanced wave riders, the widow Maker permits you to start wave riding and really grow in to bigger waves even in waves in the 6-8 foot range it still gives incredible stability and the best compromise between speed and maneuverability.

When there are no waves, Widow Maker still a great and easy board to use just to paddle around, the size and weight of Widow Maker make this board so comfortable to be moved from the car to the beach.

Its defiantly one of my favorites for ease of use and ease of transporting. ”

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This glide and stability really helps when catching waves even bigger wavering easily like catch waves even big and at the same time comfortable with a small passenger to be the best family board you can find.

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