Narcy Madeddu

Favourite waves?

I love the Reef and the Big waves Barrels,I’m really attracted about the Big Waves for the amazing adrenaline that is giving me but the favourite condition there are the 2,5 meters glassy!!!

What is your home break?

I’m super Lucky,the spot it’s just in front my house  here in Canary Island,the name of the spot it’s Punta Elena or “Rocky Point”I feel like in Disneyland,this spot it’s amazing,it’s wavy almost every day and I have the inside line-up,the outside line-up and I can choose between right barrels or rip’able long left,I mean, the perfect Spot!!!!

If you could surf any spots for the rest of your life what would it be?

Off course in my dreams I hope one day to have the chance and the travel to surf Spot Like Theaupo or Pipeline but for the rest of my life I’ll choose my Home Spot and no one in the water!!!!

What are your aspirations in surfing?

I have competitive attitudes and for the next few years I would like to compete, stay close to riders betters than me and keep growing. With SUP I have the opportunity to be in the water with the best male and female riders in the World every day, im living the dream with the best

Who are your idols and what do you love about surfing?

Younger than me but for sure Kai Lenny ,real Waterman bringing the pushing what capable to the limits,kite,wind,surf,sup waves and race, he’s great!!!!

What is your preferred discipline?

I still thinking about  this but I cant choose, I mean….depending on the condition  I really love to surf and paddle for kilometres crossing the islands….surfing big barrels i get a real buzz even a Downwind from Lanzarote to Fuerteventura can realy be allot of fun,
But it’s not just race or wave, it’s Family,Friends,Adventures….i just Love SUP

” The Widow Maker is the perfect board for all this person that want to start SUP wave riding but looking for something that can be used in any waves.

For beginners right up until intermediate/ advanced wave riders, the widow Maker permits you to start wave riding and really grow in to bigger waves even in waves in the 6-8 foot range it still gives incredible stability and the best compromise between speed and maneuverability.

When there are no waves, Widow Maker still a great and easy board to use just to paddle around, the size and weight of Widow Maker make this board so comfortable to be moved from the car to the beach.

Its defiantly one of my favorites for ease of use and ease of transporting. ”

The Navigator it’s simply the best all round board you can wish to use, if your mission it’s to start Stand Up Paddle whit this board you can progress from Zero to Hero!!!

Stability, Agility, Speed and incredible range for this board that permits you to enjoy basically whatever conditions the day throws at you. The speed of this board on flat water is amazing over flat water and its ability to glide makes cruising really enjoyable.

This glide and stability really helps when catching waves even bigger wavering easily like catch waves even big and at the same time comfortable with a small passenger to be the best family board you can find.


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