About Pierre …

Favourite waves? Beach Breaks with lots of power, bowels and barrels. or a point break where I can practice surf on the rail or longboard

What is your home break? la Torch in Brittany, France

If you could surf any spots for the rest of your life what would it be? I want to travel allot! id like to first surf Lance’s Right, Keramas and Kelly’s wave pool! with my friends. My dream is to surf rincon, trestles,sandpit , noosa head, bells beach. pipe… and never stop traveling

What are your aspirations in surfing? i love competeing in shortboard or longboard i cant stop surfing. i want to become a surf instructor or coach and travel a lot and meet new people all day Who are your idols and what do you love about surfing? Tom Curren, Craig Anderson, Dane Reynolds for the style Kelly, John John, Toledo for performance CJ Nelson, Ben Skinner in longboard, Gaspard Larsonneur and ian Ffontain because they are local hero’s!!  
What do you love about surfing i love surfing with my freinds with tom seb noe titouan ozvan.. all the team of the pole. surfing is fun, surfing is my passion, surfing helps me meet new people a reason to travel,for all situations of life! Surfing is Shearing enjoy and Smile 😀



This Board is perfect for the surfer looking for fast paced performance surfing, in the pocket and the open face. Its shape makes it ideal for faster waves with more power, as it can handle those steeper drops, vertical sections and more. Allowing you to have lightning fast response under your feet giving you that extra edge you have been looking for in those bigger waves.

• High-performance rocker for tight pocket surfing • Single to light double concave between the fins • Tri fin • Squash tail • Ride 1-2” shorter and ¼” – ½” wider than a normal shortboard


Bought the six shooter without knowing much about the sbs brand or their boards, Had little expectations as to how it would go. Got my first surf on Anchor point with it and a few nice left handers in ireland after my trip to Morocco. What can i say, it flys through sections, cracks nice and fast when you need it too and has so much drive and turn through the foiled rails, the extra foam in the core is really nice for paddle power but the construction really allows for the turn to flow through the shape, it snaps, it cutbacks like a dream, it holds the line, words simply cant describe how this board flows. To the boys at SBS, ill surely be buying my next board from you, it blew all hesitation out of the water. Timmy


The Big Squid is our new-school long board with all the traditional fun features of that old-school smooth style. It has a low entry rocker combined with a fuller outline to create the perfect stable platform for cross-stepping and nose riding. The thinned out, tucked in tail allows for incredible rail to rail control for more progressive and modern off the lip style surfing. The pulled in squash tail performs effortlessly with the fin set up allowing this board to be ridden as a single or a thruster for added versatility in different waves. That added smoothness between transitions makes this board fast and loose in the pocket giving you just enough release on more progressive manoeuvres. The single concave flatter deck and rocker line of the Big Squid provide incredible speed and momentum for paddling and riding and the volume displacement gives you the ability to be highly manoeuvrable while being incredibly forgiving. The Big Squid is made with a lightweight EPS foam and robust epoxy construction making it highly manoeuvrable and on average 30% stronger and 20% lighter than average polyurethane boards.


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