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The spud stick is our answer to the small wave conundrum. Summer day’s weaker messy surf the spud stick will fly in anything, it’s designed to catch everything and anything that’s moving. It’s going to make any small surf day super fun and super rippable.

It has a low entry rocker allowing it to plane quickly and pick up speed whilst also making paddling super easy. The spud stick has a lot more lift in the tail rocker to allow for hard tight turns without losing speed.

The boards wider outline combined with a double concave helps to provide lift in the centre, meaning it’s going to be really fast in small waves but when you get it on edge it’s going to turn just like a normal shortboard, the wider template also means that this board can be surfed by almost any rider, because of the high volume and performance features it could be surfed by a beginner in 1 foot waves, or an advanced surfer in anything up to shoulder height. Really ideal for a beginner looking to shortboard or the heavier surfer looking for a little more float and FUN

Best surfed in ankle to head high surf and surfed as a quad or thruster.

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by Luke on Spud Stick
Super Fun Board

The Spud Stick is making my summer. such a lack of waves and this thing is flying in one-foot surf so much fun... pretty much all my mates want a go.

by Lakey on Spud Stick
Love it

XXX Love this board XXXSo glad I got this board it's really easy to paddle, easy to pop up on since I'm more of a beginner-intermediate and allows me to catch a lot more then I did on my old board. love the shape and fits in my car easily only wish they did more colours.

by Jezz on Spud Stick
Pleny of spud in the stick

Brought as a shorter board to progress from my mini-mall 6'10 down to a 6'0 and wow what a difference firstly of all got on next day delivery which I wasn't expecting considering the price and came with a load of free stuff , stickers, t-shirts and a very nice letter from The SBS Brothers. All I can say is a great first-time impression. The board was lovely to hold couldn't believe the weight of it lightest board I have held. The finish is very high quality, and super white. Easier than I though it would be to paddle consider I lost 10 inches but surprising stable and easy to pop up on. First few waves just figuring out the board but felt really comfortable after about 1 hour surfing. It gave me copious amounts of speed and so much easier to turn than my mini mal, great first impressions. Highly recommend this board and the brand nice to see some UK guys making good kit.

by Jordan on Spud Stick
Perfect Big Boy Board

Brought as I'm a bit of a heavier chap at 6'2 and 18 stone and I used to surf 5'10 '6'0 sticks back in my younger days but can't get in as much these days as I would like, so ideal to just grab this and get some fun. So much speed and drive from the get-go, defiantly a great average surfer board. Low rocker tones of foam plenty of thickness and board to get you up but pure fun once you up. 2 of my rugby mates will get one when you get 6'2 in stock. cheers

by David on Spud Stick
Super Fun

Bought this as I'm a bigger guy and didn't see many shortboards out there without going to a minimal for my volume and this board was ideal as it had the dims I wanted to surf, gave me great float (I'm a heavier set guy 18 stone) and loads of speed and power on a wave absolute bargain super happy defiantly be back soon.

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