Find Your Optimum Volume

When looking to purchase a surfboard one of the most important considerations to look at is the volume in the surfboard.
Volume is the amount of volumetric space measured in cubic litres (eg: 32 Litres) in the surfboard.
This equates to the amount of foam or flotation in litres Roughly a surfboards [length x width x thickness] will yield its volume. However, the placement of the volume as well as the outline and concave can greatly affect the overall volume and character of a board.

Your ideal surfboard volume can change depending on your weight, age skill level and wave type/ To work out your ideal volume you can use the volume calculator below or use the volume chart to the side to help find your ideal volume
To use the chart find you weight in kilogrammes (KG) and then follow the coloured line that relates to your skill level, they will meet at a point and that will be your ideal volume.
SBS volume calculator should be used as a guide to the amount of volume you need, for further information contact us directly via our email system for a more in-depth account.

Getting the right volume in your surfboard is critical to your success. Use the following guide to help determine your volume in different wave conditions: as a basic guide use your ideal volume.

For smaller waves – increase volume by 2-3 litres; for bigger waves – decrease volume 2-3 litres.

As a basic guide use your ideal volume.

Smaller waves – increase volume by 2-3 litres
Bigger waves – decrease volume 2-3 litres


SBS Surfboard Volumes

25L – 30L Surfboards

Under 25L Surfboards

30L – 35L Surfboards

35L – 40L Surfboards

40L + Surfboards



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